The Red Dragon
Juan luis mayen reddragon 01b

The Red Dragon - Keyshot render

Juan luis mayen reddragon 02b

The Red Dragon - Keyshot render + wireframe

The Red Dragon - Marmoset viewer

This is a monster I did for the game challenge. Here I bring a short background story about my creature: The Red Dragon.

"The Red Dragons are lizard-like monsters who were born from fire and inhabit volcanic environments. From ancient times, these fire reptiles have lived there, and when they get angry or feel they are in danger, they provoke that a volcano begins erupting. They have a strong and rocky ember cover all over their back and tail, which is used for attacking and self-protection. The ember antenae are used for communicate with each other. Their toes are strong claws that make crawling over rocks much easier, so they can run quick even on their unfavourable environment."

Model information:

Under 20k tris in total (monster+eyes+rock) - Sculpt, UV mapping and posing done in ZBrush - Texturing done in Substance Designer and Substance Painter - Beauty render done in Keyshot (from lowpoly mesh) - Realtime render done in Marmoset Toolbag 2