The Forest Beast
Juan luis mayen thebeast full
Juan luis mayen thebeast detail
Juan luis mayen thebeast story
Juan luis mayen thebeast wire


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This is a creature design I did for ‘The Beast – A Character Art Contest’, held at Polycount. Here is the story that inspired my concept from the beginning:

“During the last centuries, The Forest Beast has inhabited the woods, and he has been desperately wandering seeking for the Beauty. He has never realized that the Beauty is what lays within himself. He has the unique nest of shinning butterflies inside his back, and has never seen one of them; he is always looking to the darkness, until this precise moment…”

Technical stuff
Beast: 98790 tris
3 Texture sets
1×4096 for Main body + Eyes
1×2048 for Roots on legs
1×2048 for Butterflies + Leaves + Mushrooms
Pedestal: 3484 tris
1×2048 Texture set for the complete pedestal

Modeling/sculpting and UV unwrapping: ZBrush
Texturing: Substance Designer and Substance Painter
Rendering: Marmoset Toolbag 2